What Mold Testing Can Do For Quality Control

For several reasons, mold testing is an excellent tool for quality control. When hiring service, you must let them know that you will be doing your own quality control mold testing before, during, and after the cleanup process to guarantee a safe and clean space.


Verify that the mold count in the sealed-off region is minimal and within the normal range.

During cleanup, it is crucial to use commercially available air scrubbers, negative air machines (NAM), and impermeable containment chambers to prevent the spread of mold spores that will be released in the air if moldy items are disturbed.

After the cleanup is complete, you’ll want to know that all these preventative actions have had the desired effect by conducting air and surface quality control monitoring.

Find hidden concerns within the region:

Throughout a quality control inspection, we decided to take some air samples from a living room where a previous roof leak and pollution in the HVAC system were causes for the alarm.

The higher spore counts found in the lab indicate that another hot spot of mold beneath the wood flooring developed due to an unrelated problem that existed before the property was purchased. This problem could have persisted for a long time if not for the QA sample.

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Get the finest from your cleanup firm:

Notifying your remediation provider of your intention to do quality assurance testing is likely to reveal any limitations on your repair or other restrictions of which you were previously unaware.

If the cleanup firm is serious about clearing the quality control inspection, they will assign their most seasoned workers to your job.

Conforms to the standards of insurance, law, and mortgage:

Quality assurance screening is required to complete a project, get funds, or satisfy loan criteria. Before beginning quality assurance testing, make sure you have received clear instructions on the kinds of testing that will be necessary.

Before beginning quality control mold testing, ensure you and your client have an in-depth conversation about your expectations.

Facilitates Fit Remodeling:

It’s best to reassemble anything in a clean area once you’ve eliminated any contamination. In addition, it is recommended to locate any polluted regions before installing a brand-new roof, walls, or flooring.

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